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Yuyao Lianhai Industry Co., Ltd.

About Us

Established in 2001, Yuyao Lianhai industrial Co., LTD. is a leading enterprise in agriculture industy of Ningbo. It has developed into an industrial company with integration of seafood products developing, processing and import & export trading. It owns two trading companies in China and at abroad. They are responsible for the seafood product export and international raw materials procurement. The company owns a processing factory in Yuyao, Ningbo with a total investment of 15 million US dollars, total construction area of 25000 square meters, and with annual processing capacity reaching 8000 tons, cold storage capacity of 15000 tons. The new processing base equipped with international advanced facilities, is one of the largest seafood product processing factories in Zhejiang province.

The company is processing cuttlefish products, squid products, shrimp products and various fish products. Products are sold to Europe, the U.S., South Africa and other countries and regions. Keeping in mind the principle of mutual benefit, the company would like to cooperation with all the old and new customers at home and abroad.

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